Sunday, April 16, 2006

through the telescope

Correct me if I am wrong
For once again we are
Sitting beside the our windows
Looking at the same old star
Through the telescope
Hoping that it would bring
The feeling back
Hoping that I see your ethereal face
While you look for my eyes
Because they say it shows my soul

Correct me if I am wrong
But hoping is what we are good at.
We hope until we die because
Deep down we know it is
That which will keep us alive

So that is it
I hope for the star to live forever
For with it, we are connected
And we endlessly sit beside our window
Hoping through the telescope


joysie said...

this entry reminds me of young clark kent in smallville... =)

thetenniskid said...

hahha... hmmm... i never noticed it until u pointed it out. good point. haha.