Monday, April 03, 2006

a dialogue for everyday

*due to some technical problems, stanzas 2-10 should not be alternate. the stanzas should be beside each other... by that I mean it should have two sides with equal length. okay.

I open my eyes
Then I stop
I think

My world:
It is that of detachment
Where shadows are in constant motion
While I am at a standstill
My world:
It is that of desire
Where that I want is at a standstill
While I am in constant motion
Yet, the dark outlines never stroke
Even the tip of my hand,
Which seeks to caress the figure
From which these shadows came
Yet, I cannot touch
Even the tip of the hand
That which I seek to caress
The hand that forms shadows
The choice is not mine to make
For the fire from this passion
Can pierce the beauty of the figure
Which wander around my isolation
I choose, Yes
For I might be engulfed in the fire
Of this burning passion
And it is with delight that I accept
I pursue this figure with all
Its worldly imperfections
Still, I know of its impossibility
For it is the curse that I must endure
I crave the burning figure with all
Its celestial perfections
I know of its possibility
For its curse I will endure
My world:
It is that which I do not desire
Where I am at a standstill
While shadows are in constant motion
My world:
It is that which is not detached
Where I am in constant motion
And I seek for the one at a standstill
It thinks that
I think that
It is an impossibility
It is a possibility

I think
Then I stop
I close my eyes



mandee said...

to thetenniskid: or JAY
u know how i am with poems. u know im left-brained, so cympre d ko pa magets now ung sinulat mo. pero what i can say is, it's beautiful. form-wise, bow na ako. i loved what u did, na may transition sa persona himself. na from cya ung detached, to cya ung hindi detached. ang galeng. i notice the parallelism. ung repetitions. i love it. jay. now, next step ko is to understand it. haha =) kaya ko to.

joysie said...

napaka-deep... nalunod na yata ako sa pag-intindi... hehe nice entry, btw.

thetenniskid said...

mandee... it's easy to get. come on, think!

joysie... thanks. keep reading my blog.