Friday, November 25, 2005

transformation of the soul

The eyes are the windows to one's soul. It is because of this 'saying' that our people have been led to believe that a photograph partakes a part of your soul. The camera sends out its presupposed flash and it sucks your soul right out of your eyes. This might seem as an all too primitive belief that never had its basis in the first place. But recently, I have learned to agree with the said theory, if that is what it is called.

However, I would be altering a part of it so that it can serve my purposes. Each time a person writes something, whether on paper or on the computer, he loses a part of him. A part of him that has been transformed into something different but is still a manifestation of the individual. It goes the same for fine arts, and music. We express ourselves by transforming our souls into different forms. That is the nature of the soul. Just like matter, it is neither created nor detroyed because it just transforms into something else.

Yesterday was a day that I have planned on writing two entries for this blog and my other blog. Unfortunately, I was only to accomplish half of the task I wanted to do. I was only able to write one entry (it was the more important one) because I was so tired of writing another one just so that the reading audience on my other blog can have something to read. For the first time in my writing life, I have felt that my soul has been purged and transformed into what I have written. It has just been a tiring experience and I know that I will be experiencing more of it in the future.

I am betting that Dumbledore did not experience any form of fatigue by using his pensieve. As for me, writing memories on the blog is just tiring. Apart from the fact that you type an endless string of letters to form words that you hope would make sense, you would have to think of ideas that are new to you so that you will have an indication of your personal growth. As long as I am writing, I know that my soul will keep on going. It moves as it grows on its own while other souls are nourishing it.

The one thing of the world, in value, is the active soul. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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