Wednesday, November 23, 2005

first entry

While going home with one of my bestfriends, I realized something about life. Life in the sense of gaining and losing friends. I just found it sad that most people, as much as they want their friendships to last, lose them sooner or later. Maybe it is the way of life. But is this really the way of life? There is a possibility that I am just justifying the 'wrong' actions of men so that they would not seem 'wrong' anymore.

My friend and I were guilty of this human action, an action that might not be that grave unless one finds friendships essential. When a person graduates from grade school, one will hang out with one's old friends as they move along the corridors of their high school. This will only go on until such time that new friends come in. Sooner or later, the old friends would be just that. Old friends. An occasional 'Hi!' or 'Hello!' But at the end of the day, that's that.

This goes the same for High School. Graduation day comes and everyone promises a form of 'walang kalimutan.' But once college comes in, it is hard not to meet new people and then a rift forms between you and your high school friends. Sad but true. You would be left with an occasional 'Hi!' or 'Hello!' But if you're lucky enough, you get to hang out with them once in a while but deep inside you know the old times were just the old times.

As for college, I do not know if this holds true. Will I still be friends with the people I am hanging out at present? Only time will tell. However, my friend, whom I was having this conversation with, told me that she will be my friend no matter what. A friend until the end as some would say. I know that my three bestfriends at present would always be my friends because I want them to be. But what about the others? Are they just gonna be, as I said earlier, 'old' friends?' The people you meet in the hallway to say 'Hi!' to and not forge a deeper friendship. Maybe or maybe not. So that's it for my first entry. It was a sudden burst of reflection that has led me to writing this. Anyway, that is it for now.

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