Sunday, November 27, 2005

satisfaction guaranteed... well, not really

It's amazing how people can go about in life saying that by getting something, they are sure to be satisfied. They will do anything just to get what they want because they are sure that they will be satisfied by it. People can't get any satisfaction. I know that for a fact because even I, am part of that group of people. Hey, I have the Rolling Stones and Britney Spears on a rotating motorcycle to back me up with it.

You see, the world is a rotating mass of rocks, and pools of water, with living organisms standing on it (nerd mode... pweh). Thank you earth's gravity for making it possible for us to stand on this world. Each of these living organisms follow a certain path. It is the path of evolution. Fine, it is called the theory of evolution but my Compa. Ana. professor told me it was already gospel truth. So unless you don't believe in the gospel, the theory is already considered law. With that being said, suffice it to say that as living organisms on this collection of rocks with water, we are meant to be more than what we presently are.

Human being will always want to be more, know more, and have more. We will never get satisfaction. The person who says that he is satisfied with what he/she presently have (materialistically or whatever), is a plain lie. Loser. You will always have something in mind that you would want. We are human and it is natural for us to want more than what we presently have. Maybe you want an iPod, a car, a tennis racket (fine, only I would want something like that), a 4 for your QPI (unless your in UP), or a pad (No, not pad paper, i have a lot of that. I am referring to a bachelor's pad or the like). Whatever it is you want, you'll always want more.

The sad thing about all this is that we cannot get satisfaction only if it concerns us. If it concerns others, we would not care if they were satisfied or not. If it doesn't concern us, we want to maintain the status quo. Ding! An idea just came into my mind. This so-called lack for satisfaction has its purpose. If we were satisfied, everything would just be the same. We would just stop wanting more and then we will be threatened that the 'lower class' might overcome the 'high class.' So what else are we gonna do but be unsatisfied.

So I guess in conclusion, satisfaction is just a word that was created so that we can have a base word for its opposite. Its opposite being the more useful word (unsatisfied). In this world, satiety will only be present in our imaginations. But fine, let's be optimistic. Let's look forward to the day that every person on this earth is satisfied. When that happens, tell me if your optimism was worth it. Dream of the day when everyone is already satisfied because that is the day that will end all dreams. You dreams are reality.

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