Thursday, April 05, 2007

this is just hilarious

This is an example of how the friendship of the bobets really works. Shet, you gotta love these people. And we obviously love each other... I think we have surpassed being carino brutal. Hahaha.

Bym: whuts the soulful song of justin timberlake?
Jay: eat yourself... or eat the bobets?
Jay: alive
Jay: so cannibalism
Jay: another song
Jay: ung title
Bym: eat the bobets.. at least i know u guys will be in me
Bym: :))
Bym: i see i see
Bym: :))
Jay: i don't wanna eat my friend
Jay: kadiri ka
Jay: o cge...
Bym: hahaha
Oli: mga choices niyo eh
Jay: remove ur left eye or remove ur right eye
Jay: :))
Jay: for both of you
Jay: what will u choose
Jay: :))
Bym: uhhmm
Bym: left eye
Bym: cuz mas mataas yung grade
Bym: :))
Jay: wahahha
Jay: labo
Jay: hahaha
Jay: pangit na choices un
Jay: hmmm...
Bym: lose an arm or a leg
Bym: :))
Jay: leg
Jay: coz may wheelchair
Jay: at least pwede pa ako mag-ym
Jay: kung may arms ako
Jay: :))
Bym: kill oli or kill aye
Bym: :))
Jay: oli... lose you fingernails by pulling them off done by somone who tortures or chop ur hands pero done by a doctor
Jay: go oli
Oli: may wheel chair naman
Oli: uhm...
Oli: lose a leg
Jay: iba na choice mo
Jay: hahha
Oli: omg
Oli: omg
Oli: omg
Oli: NO
Oli: ouch
Oli: nafeel ko yun lahat
Jay: hahaha
Oli: i have a very vivid imagination
Jay: no ung isa may anesthesia
Jay: kasi doctor ung gumawa
Jay: pero wala ka nang arms
Jay: ako kill aye
Jay: :))
Jay: ikaw bym... kill oli or kill aye?
Oli: uhm...chop hands
Bym: hahahaha
Bym: oli
Oli: then commit suicide
Jay: hahha
Bym: :))
Bym: ooolliii
Bym: :))
Jay: oli, papatayin ka ni bym
Oli: shucks
Oli: sige ok lang
Oli: i love aye
Bym: kaw oli..
Jay: ikaw oli... kill mian sab bym me or aye? u have to choose 3
Bym: kill you or kill aye?
Bym: i bet sab and aye will survive
Jay: ikaw rin bym, kill mian sab oli me or aye? choose 3
Bym: :))
Jay: :))
Oli: NO
Oli: kill myself
Jay: and u hafta choose 2 others
Jay: dapat 3 people will die
Oli: me, you, bym
Oli: para you guys can use your one-way ticket na
Oli: and i can start my cleansing in purgatory
Jay: okay, the theory is correct... bym and i will always be the first ones to die
Jay: are we that useless?
Oli: no
Bym: hahaha
Oli: masarap lang kayo patayin
Bym: yeah
Bym: just cuz wer men
Bym: tsk
Jay: ako i'll kill mian aye and sab
Jay: coz they will go to heaven
Oli: and plus...sayang one way ticket to hell eh
Jay: well... aye sa purgatory coz bitch siya kay...
Jay: :))
Bym: :))

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