Saturday, January 12, 2008

the week that was

Drank with Pam in Drew's then Iggy joined us for dinner. LECHON PIZZA. Oh yeah, this was that day I had the courage to do something (but actually iggy texted it for me so it's his fault).

Did the Puzzles. Jack's Loft with the Ratpack. Talked about whatever we can talk about. I think that's the life I want... just bumming and talking about anything with friends. Batch picture. Rory's. Had a beer. Study for Philo Orals... TAE!

Did Puzzles. Studied for Philo Orals. Weh! Anix and I were not able to make an outline for all the thesis statements so we depended on HOPE. Hope that we get to choose our own thesis statement. AND WE DID! BOOYEH! (celebratory dance!) Oh yeah we went to Drew's again. Pam. Mica. Me. Steven. Mica got drunk and PUKED! BWAHAHAHA!

Had reporting for Physio about brain death. Did puzzles again. We reached puzzle 11. Iggy, I think we have VERY HIGH IQ's! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Then went to wall-climb with the other guy-girls of bio (stevo and piggy). It ain't a guy thing. It ain't a girl thing. It's a guy-girl thing. Additional 5 shots for all of us because of that stupid wall. BUT GUESS WHO AIN'T DRINKING GREEN DRAGONS (which stevo describes as nakakalasing, nakakasuka, and does not taste good). I was able to climb the wall on my second try so they get to drink that drink. :D

Then went to Drew's with Mica, Svet, Pam, Anix, Iggy, Steve, Berts, and Joey. I say, let's do it again. Went to Iggy's condo where we had good clean fun. Nyar! Dancing is strictly business, it ain't personal. Pretended I was mad at Iggy 'coz of spiciness. The jokes on you tae! Hehe!:p

Summary for the Week:
1. Puzzles
2. Drews
3. Dancing
4. Wall-climbing
5. Guy-girls
6. Ratpack
7. Friends
8. Fun
9. Freedom
10. Bragging

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