Sunday, June 10, 2007

thanks to...

Ima thank the people who remembered by birthday. Galeng. I tried to remove it in multiply so no one will know unless they really know it. Anyway, ang labo nun. I'll thank you guys in order.

1. Bym - Dawg, una ka... cge thanks for telling me 'happy new year' and that i'm still dark after one year. Haha. Galeng. Kleek lunch/dinner soon.
2. An-an - Haha, thanks thanks! I just really wish okay si father david... live life mode tayo for the year. YEHEY!
3. Paje - Hahaha. That's a surprise ha. Thanks paje!
4. Tin-tin - Thanks for calling me an asshole because you're a bitch anyway. Nyahaha. Thanks.:p
5. Jordan - Thanks... kwento mo na si ano soon. Nyahahaha.
6. Oli - Hoy thanks sa happy new year greeting ha. Talagang ganun ung greeting ng kleek e. Lunch/dinner next week you carebear.
7. Ann
8. Annabelle
9. Liza
10. Annie
11. Svet
12. Mooch
13. Mandy
14. Anika
15. Shar
16. Nikko
17. Robin
18. Jenelle
19. Carla
20. Mel
21. Paul
22. Enzo
23. Toff

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