Wednesday, June 20, 2007

some reminders from myself

I think I need to constantly assess myself and see how much I've changed from the last time I've assessed myself. My friend said I've changed since I'm not as makwento as I used to be. But now that I think about it, it's useless to tell stories since my current stories won't be relatable for my friend.

So what is my conclusion, it's not about the person changing. It's more about the environment and your group of friends being different. So we adapt to the changes. We become different for the people we have "left behind." But intrinsically, we are the same. As Shrek said in his third movie, even if people think you are something, it is still you who determines what you are. In other words, if people think you're an ogre because of your appearance, you don't necessarily have to be an ogre inside you. The connection is kinda malabo but i'm telling you there's a connection.:P

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