Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It used to be that I always had regrets when it comes to the decisions I make. I always made the wrong decisions and this resulted in me having to make an article about that regret. In this case however, I am doing the exact opposite. I am writing, not because I regret a decision I have made recently. Rather, I would want to write about the fact that I haven't regretted my decisions lately.

For some sort of reason, I have been enjoying my life and there is nothing more I can ask for. I don't regret having no iPod, laptop, or a car because it was my decision not to have them. Lately, I have realized that my decisions have been at their personal best. I don't know. Maybe, I'm just content with life that even if some mishaps happen to come along the way, I still find something to smile about.

Regrets are decisions that have not been well thought out. They are the ones that you do just because... And that should not be the case. We only have one lifetime and regretting each decision we make is just a waste of your life. The decisions we make mold us into what we are and will become. Thus, regretting them is useless. The better thing to do is to face the music and push through with the consequences of our actions (good or bad).

At the end of the day, we become people who have matured and grown. And if ever we made a wrong decision, we can dwell on it for a little bit then make sure that we learn from it and do something about it.

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