Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Once in a while we stop and think about what has happened to our life so far. We look back and follow our journey from the point of our first memory to the point of now. We see how we have grown as a person, how people have come in and out of our lives, how we influenced and were influenced by what's around us, and how we ended up in our current lives.

Important among these realizations is that we are individuals bounded by the milestones of our journey. The turning points in our lives are the milestones... these are the times when we embarked on new adventures. These are the times when we grow, our people change, influences happen, and our current life changes direction.

Milestones. These are the moments which we now realize are ingrained in us. The reason why the future is never sure. Turning points will always be there... it's just a mater of who and what you pack in your bag to remain with you for the upcoming journey.

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