Wednesday, September 16, 2009


it is too much.
12 years of this can get to you.
as the years progress,
little by little,
hope starts fading away.

there is fear everyday.
fear that one day, things...
will just fall apart
then... a moment comes
a moment that creates that mind-click

no one would understand
you don't tell them anyway
there's no one to tell
so you go on and smile...
because that's what people want

at times, you show some of it
but you realize they cannot be part of this
they have their own things to deal with
then you pretend to recover
not knowing that it is a 12 year sadness.

i'm just really tired of the marathon.
i told them i wanted off the track.
all they can do was look.
they didn't expect this.
i am competitive anyway...

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