Sunday, March 30, 2008

parting of ways

I have not blogged for some time now because I wanted my next entry to be about graduating. Technically, I have finished school a month ago but it took me this long to write something about graduation. Four years ago, I entered college hating the block I was in and thinking that maybe everyone was right. "College is nothing compared to High School; High School is the best four years of your life." I hated college and I hated the fact that I would be stuck in that hell for a few more years.

Along the way, I have met new friends. I had a tennis partner, I had two girl best friends, I had my dawg who will my brotha 'til the end, I had a barkada whose main goal is to dominate an organization, and most importantly I had a crew in my course which I consider family.

Little by little, things came into place and I have to say this, "College is better than High School by a million miles." I have had so many experiences in those four years that have made me grow as a person. I used to be this shy, introverted, goody-two-shoes little boy whose life was as routinary as a paper boy delivering newspaper. Now, if you know me, I am not that at all. I've learned so much from the people around me: wearing nice clothes, singing properly, acting properly, how to show emotions because it's okay. I've gained friends, lost them, fought with them, renewed friendships with them, and grew with them. College was about changes and it was about growing up as a person. It was one big relationship where each experience was something I had to learn from. Now, as Fr. Nebres said in his speech last night, I have to "set the world on fire."

Four years have ended and I'm going to miss a lot of things. I hate moving on because there is the stupid feeling of not knowing where to go once you have detached yourself from something. It's like you're boat and the anchor was lifted, now you just have to discover what the sea has to offer. I don't like that. I don't believe that you have to detach yourself to move on (yes, that was a mistake).

Last night, I would have cried if everyone cried. I would miss my crew (yes, I'm ste up 2 inspired) because I might not be in the same medical school as them. I just had to text them as a last thing to wrap things up. In my previous blogs I've always said that the only permanent thing in life is change. I don't want it to change. I want to hang out in people's houses, have iron chef battles, go to ocean park, have photo shoots, dance hip hop, drink a lot 'til we drop, talking about random stuff, and just being a group that has no awkwardness whatsoever. We never get OP with each other and that's the best part of this crew. I've had fights with these people and that's what makes my relationship with them much more important. Even with those obstacles, we survived and remained friends.

I guess that's what makes me believe that these people will be there 'til the end of my life just like family. I will grow up with them, struggle through med school (even if diff. med schools) with them, witness each other's weddings, baptisms and birthdays, do stupid stuff with them, and in the future, go to each other's house and reminisce about how today was a thing of the past.

Graduation is never a parting of ways. It is the start of a new journey which you and your friends will go through while riding a car and listening to road trip music and just having fun.

So am I going to miss college?! No friggin' way! I have med school and the rest of my life to experience those college experiences with the Kleek and mah Bio Crew. Let's burn this place down and set the world on fire. Pero, I just hafta say 'beach na 'to.'

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