Monday, March 31, 2008

and this is why...

david ong is one of my bestest friends. intro: we were talking about me choosing a med school.

Jay: hahah so
Jay: that leaves me with UST?
Jay: :))
Jay: as the first choice?
David: i don't know
David: i'm just helping you brainstorm
David: this is where i hop off
Jay: feel ko ust
Jay: :))
Jay: at least i hafta be back to my old high school self
Jay: kasi better competition
Jay: and you know me and competition
Jay: haha
David: yeah
David: there you have it
David: and if you do choose ust,
David: i'll tell you now - i'm impressed that you actually chose it over your friends.
Jay: wahahha damn
Jay: you just had to say that didn't you
Jay: hahahah
David: hahahaha
David: i have to be unbiased.
David: :p
David: or the antagonist
Jay: yeah that's why ur a good friend
Jay: u don't "support" me
Jay: :))
David: lol. what a way to put it.
David: thanks

dude, even if you're in canada, you never disappoint.

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