Monday, February 19, 2007

Some Thoughts

I realized something after three straight days of going out. People easily judge others. The thing is, these people have not talked to me recently. Call me paranoid but I'm pretty sure these people have their own opinions about the things i have been doing.

Only recently did I get irritated at people who I consider my friends. They should know me better. I guess not. All of them have been worrying and it pisses me off. They have been telling me that I'm becoming patapon because I drink too much and I don't focus on my studies anymore. They also feel that my involvement in theatre is too much. Anyway, I especially got pissed a while ago when my friends suddenly said they were worrying about my grade in history. I obviously failed that long test, but so did a lot of other people. Our other friend had a much lower grade but they didn't care. I asked them why and they told me 'Kasi, nagwoworry siya e, tapos ikaw parang wala lang sayo.' I don't know... Of course, I worry (a lot)... but do I have to show them that I'm worried. I don't think worrying will help. I just hafta do my best the next time.

I'm just OFFENDED that they think I'm being patapon. I'm no britney spears who would just start shaving my hair off. I'm just enjoying this moment because life should be enjoyed. I don't want to die thinking that I could have lived my life better. I wouldn't study my ass off because I don't want to tell myself in the end that I missed out on being with my friends because I studied most of my life. I'm really disappointed about their opinions. They do not know me that much I guess.

As for the Bio batch, there have been some issues and I think I'm in the middle of it. I just feel like I shouldn't be hanging out with them anytime soon. Life is twisted huh?

Although I want to thank my bluerep crew for always being there. And for two of them who have become my recent drinking buddies. They're the ones who don't judge me for doing what I do. We let each other be our own selves. Things will always work out when the time comes. I just want to LIVE FOR THE MOMENT.

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