Monday, November 17, 2008

sembreak jampack

1. halloween party. iea, berto and i have decided to impose BPGR.:D
2. vigan was fun. spent four days in that spanish-ish city with mis amigos. yahoo! got to eat a lot of weird food and i am missing the empanada. damnit.
3. party with ab psych peeps. got to meet new people.:D investing na 'to and expanding horizons! haha.
4. practiced for a.i. caught up with kuh-leek fuh-riends.
5. lazer tag didn't push through. next time.:D
6. shindig! saw old friends and reintroduced some friends... hahaha.
7. palarong med. 3rd place badminton. yey team.
8. chris brown concert. woohoo.

p.s. the theme for the break was 'if ayaw mo, huwag.' bwahaha. we realized that we had more fun when we didn't care if other friends didn't go or if they are not enjoying activities. as long as the core is there, fun will always be there. no drama baybeh!:)

p.p.s. all in all, this break was eventful.:) it revealed a lot about the state of certain things and certain measures were made to adjust to those changes. good job.:D


ecner said...

mag-AI ka ngaaaa! woeh jay! kelan ba to?

thetenniskid said...

sa 27 and 28. manood ka. wahahaha.