Sunday, August 10, 2008

some things just have to remain as is

i imagined it. we would renew those severed ties and start over again. maybe hang out and go back to what our roles used to be. blood relatives they call us and indeed we are. we would talk until the night casts its shadow upon us. i would tell you all the details in my life. every little detail since we last talked. you would be fascinated and tell me how much you have missed. you would tell me all the details in your life as well and i would scold myself for having missed so much. home. we go to our rooms and breathe. finally, things are back to normal.

i imagined it happening. i imagined it happening. i imagined it happening.

no one knows. everyone thinks i am a mystery because they don't know you. it's funny. even i don't know you. i am a mystery to myself.

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